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Heartfelt Creations Welcome to my Garden Box Card

Welcome to my Garden

Heartfelt Creations Products used:
·         Die Set - Arianna Bloom                                            SKU: HCD 748
·         Die Set - Arianna Lace                                               SKU: HCD 747
·         Stamp - Arianna Blooms PreCut Set                          SKU: HCPC 3608
·         Die Set - Burnished Key                                             SKU: HCD 741
·         Stamp - Burnished Key PreCut Set                            SKU: HCPC 3569
·         Die Set - Garden Romance                                         SKU: HCD 723
·         Stamp - Mailbox Surprise PreCut Set                         SKU: HCPC 3476
·         Stamp - Holiday Mail PreCut Set                               SKU: HCPC 3490
·         Paper - Arianna Blooms Paper Collection                  SKU: HCDP1 244
·         Spellbinders – Majestic Labels TwentyFive    

Materials used:
·         8.5” x 8.5”,  7.75” x 7.75” Cardstock
·         Vellum
·         Spellbinder Precious Metal
·         Pan Pastels
·         Small sponge makeup applicator
·         Medium stylus
·         Small misting bottle
·         Glitter
·         Ribbon
·         Water proof Ink
·         Tim Holtz Distress Ink – Tea Dye
·         3-D Foam Squares
·         Score tape
·         Art Glitter Glue

Product Instructions:
Creating the Box & Lid
1)      Cut out the following:
i)        1 - 8.5”x 8.5” (box)
ii)      1 - 7.75”x 7.75” (lid)
2)      Take your largest piece and score 1.25” all the way around, this will create an inner square with squares               on all four corners.
3)      Cut on the score line going up to the 1.25” meeting with the score line going across, do the two that are   on the same side, turn paper so that your cuts are on the top, now cut twice more on the side facing you.
4)      Fold on your score lines, making sure that their nice and crisp.
5)      Place your score tape on the corners you have just cut with the flaps on the outside. Do all     four corners, creating the bottom part of your box.
6)      For the lid you will score .75” all the way around.
7)      Cut up to your score line just as you did for the base.
8)      Fold, and tape flaps on the inside this time.

Creating Flowers
1)      Stamp with your Arianna Blooms 7 times
2)      Cut out using the co-ordinating die
3)      Cut out 20 small stamens
4)      Dip each point of the stamen into glue then into the glitter.
5)      Set aside so that they have enough time to dry.
6)      Rub the pastel onto the tip of the petal, blending it about a quarter of the way down with a small sponge makeup applicator.

Large Flower (inside the box)
- 1 of the smallest flowers
- 1 of the second smallest flowers
- 1 of the third largest flowers
- 2 of the small stamens

2 Medium Flowers (inside the box)
- 1 of the smallest flowers
- 1 of the second smallest flowers
- 2 of the small stamens

2 Small Flowers (inside the box)
- 1 of the smallest flowers
- 2 of the small stamens

Shaping the Petals:
a)      Turn the petal upside down on a foam mat (stamp facing down)
b)      Using a stylus gently press down from the base of the flower pulling out towards the tip of the petal (this breaks down the fiber of the cardstock, making it more pliable)
c)      Once you have done all the petals you will start folding each petal in half
d)     Turn flower over (stamp side up) and then bend the corners up like ears, creating a ripple effect
e)      Using stylus, circle the center of the flower causing the petals to come up in the shape of a flower

For each flower use the Art Glitter glue to adhere the petals together
 Use your stylus, press down the stamen in the middle with a circular motion so that they are quite tight.
Glue two per flower, if you want them to be fuller just add a few more.

Assembling the Inside of your Box
1)      Stamp small birdhouse (Mailbox Surprise PreCut Set)
2)      Cut the birdhouse and fence using the coordinating die (Garden Romance)
3)      Stamp the dove (Holiday Mail PreCut Set), colour then hand cut it out, separating it from the mailbox and swirls
4)      Cut out shape (Spellbinders Majestic Labels Twenty Five set)
5)      Cut the panel of decorated paper along with a sentiment of choice and one small butterfly from the Arianna Blooms paper collection
6)      Tape panel into the bottom of box
7)      Start layering the pieces together, first the Spellbinder shape using 3D Foam Squares
8)      Glue flowers onto the left hand side of the raised surface
9)      Tuck the birdhouse behind the bottom flowers as well as the leafy swirl.
10)  Shape and glue the butterfly onto the top medium flower
11)  Curve the fence, place glue only on the left hand side, and tuck it partway into the flowers, leaving approximately half hanging over the edge to the right
12)  Use two 3D Foam Squares to adhere your bird
13)  Glue the two single flowers to the top right hand corner of the raised surface
14)  Shape and destress the sentiment, then attach with 3D Foam Squares, placing it in-between the two sets of flowers

Assemble the Lid
Large Flower (lid)
- 1 of the smallest flowers
- 1 of the second smallest flowers
- 1 of the third largest flowers
- 2 of the fourth largest flowers
- 2 of the largest flowers
- 2 of the small stamens

1 Medium Flower (lid)
- 1 of the smallest flowers
- 1 of the second smallest flowers
- 2 of the small stamens

2 Small Flowers (lid)
- 1 of the smallest flowers
- 2 of the small stamens

1.      Shape and assemble flowers as before
2.      Stamp images onto the Spellbinder Precious Metal, using the Burnished Key PreCut Set
3.      Heat set
4.      Cut lock and keys with the Burnished Key Die
5.      Cut large lace floret and small narrow applique
6.      Glue the floret in the top left hand corner and the appliques in the bottom right hand corner forming them into a V
7.      Glue the large flower onto the floret and the three smaller ones onto the appliques, with the medium one in the middle
8.      Glue the lock in between them
9.      Cut the “key chain” from Arianna Blooms paper collection and destress
10.  Attach the keys to your key chain
11.  Use one 3D Foam Square to tilt the key chain and place a small amount of glue to hold down the front.

“Pick” a special friend to share in your secret garden!

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