Friday, 19 September 2014

Heartfelt Creations Cherish Card

Cherish Card

Heartfelt Products used:
·        Die Set - Arianna Bloom         SKU: HCD 748
·        Stamp - Arianna Blooms PreCut Set              SKU: HCPC 3608
·        Paper - Arianna Blooms Paper Collection      SKU: HCDP1 244
·        Open Leaf PreCut Set                                      SKU: HCPC 3545
·        Classic Leaf Die                                            SKU: HCD 736
·        Spellbinders –Majestic Labels Twenty Five     

Materials used:
·        Pan Pastels
·        Small sponge makeup applicator
·        Boning knife
·        Medium stylus
·        Small misting bottle
·        Water proof Ink
·        Tim Holtz Distress Ink – Forest Moss
·        3-D Foam Squares
·        Score tape
·        Art Glitter Glue
·        Micro Beads

Assemble the Base of the Card
1.     Cut cardstock –10.5 x 7.25
2.     Score and fold in half
3.     Cut a of pattern paper from the Arianna Blooms Collection – 5.25 x 7.25
4.     Use Score tape to attach Arianna Blooms paper to the cardstock
5.     Cut out Spellbinder shapes (refer to photo below)

6.     Glue the large shape to the Arianna Blooms paper leaving small border around the edge
7.     Use 3-D foam squares attach the small shape in the center

Creating Flowers and Leaves
1.     Stamp with the Arianna Blooms 2 times
2.     Cut flowers using the co-ordinating die
3.     Rub the pastel onto the tip of the petal, blending it all the way down the petal with a small sponge makeup applicator.
4.     Cut out 7 small and 2 medium stamens
5.     Stamp with the Open Leaf PreCut Set 2 times
6.     Cut out with co-ordinating die (Classic Leaf Die)
7.     Distress with Tim Holtz ink

Shaping Flowers
1) Mist flower on the back
2) Hold flower between your thumb and first two fingers, stamp side up
3) With the boning knife, press the base of the petal onto your thumb, working it out towards the tip of the petal curling it back as you go
4) Do this for all of the petals
5) With a stylus gently press in a circular motion around the base of the curled petal to draw the petals inwards
6) Using the stylus in a circular motion, press the centre of the stamens to draw them up

Assembling Flower
1)     Glue stamen into each flower
2)      Glue microbeads into the center of each stamen

Shaping Leaves
1.     Use stylus to press down on the outer edge of leaf, working it towards the centre

Assembling the Rest of the Card
1.     Have the card facing you in a landscape format
2.     Glue 6 flowers onto the upper right corner
                                                        a) 3 of the smallest flowers
                                                      b) 1 of the next 3 sizes
3.     Glue the remaining flowers to the centre shape on the top right hand corner
4.     Cut out the sentiment
5.     Shape with boning knife
6.     Glue onto the centre shape beside the flowers
7.     Cut out a butterfly from the Arianna Blooms collection
8.       Glue to the bottom left hand corner of centre shape


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