Saturday, 20 September 2014

Heartfelt Creations Thank You for Understanding Card

Thank You for Understanding

Heartfelt Creations Products Used:
·         Stamp –Arianna Blooms PreCut Set                                     SKU: HCPC 3608
·         Stamp –Arianna Blooms Die                                                 SKU: HCD 748
·         Die Set –Arianna Lace (Spell Binders)                                   SKU: HCD 747
·         Paper -Arianna Blooms Paper Collection                               SKU: HCDP 244
·         Die Set –Raindrops on Roses                                                SKU: HCD 743
·         Spell Binders –Labels Eighteen

Materials Used:
·         Cardstock
·         Adhesive
·        3-D Foam Squares
·        Cutter
·         Liquid Glue
·         Scoring Board with Scoring Tool
·         Heat Gun
·         Clear Embossing Powder
·         Color Box Chianti Ink
·         Seed Beads -Raspberry
·         Sookwang (double sided adhesive sheet)
·         Gilding Flakes –Harvest Moon

Product Instructions:
Base Card

1)      Cut cardstock 7” x 10”
2)      Fold in half long ways
3)      Cut a pattern paper from Arianna Paper Collection a 7” x 4   5/16”
4)      Adhere the pattern paper to cardstock

Decorative Piece with Gilding Flakes

1)      Cut the decorative piece from the Heartfelt Raindrops on Roses die cut from a pattern piece of paper from Arianna Paper Collection
2)      Trace the decorative piece onto the back of the Sookwang adhesive sheet and cut out

3)      Adhere the decorative piece onto one side of the Sookwang sheet that you cut out
4)      Place  the gilding flakes loosely on top of the sticky part of the decorative piece
5)      Using a Scrubit cleaning pad rub on top of the gilding flakes to adhere them to the adhesive sheet

 Sentiment Piece

1)      Cut out the largest Spell Binder label in the dark pattern paper
2)      Cut out the second largest Spell Binder label in lighter pattern paper
3)      Stamp your sentiment on the lighter pattern paper using Color Box Ink
4)      Emboss the sentiment using clear embossing powder
5)      Using 3D foam squares to place the lighter paper on the dark paper
6)      Using 3D foam squares to place the completed sentiment onto the card

Creating Flowers
1)      Stamp Arianna Blooms with Chianti Color Box ink on white cardstock four times
2)      Cut out all of the flowers using Arianna Die Cut
3)      Shape all the petals (as described below)
4)      Glue 4 petals of the same size on top of each other
5)      Glue seed beads into the middle of the flowers
6)      Glue flowers onto the card

Shaping the Petals:
a)      Spritz the back of the petal with water
b)    Turn the petal upside down on a foam mat (stamp facing down)
c)      Using a stylus gently press down from the base of the flower pulling out towards the tip of the petal (this breaks down the fiber of the vellum, making it more pliable)
d)      Once you have done all the petals you will start folding each petal in half
e)     Turn flower over (stamp side up) and then bend the corners up like ears, creating a ripple effect

f)      Continue to pleat the petals as many times as you can, which will depend on the size of the petal

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